Sterling Silver Round Cubic Zirconia Classic Stud Earrings Review


Looking for a perfect jewelry gift to expand a woman’s fashion wardrobe with a classic and a timeless style? Classic Zirconia stud earrings featuring round 5mm Cubic Zirconia stones equivalent to 1 cttw diamond, in four prong basket settings of platinum plated sterling silver. Cubic Zirconia is an affordable, much less expensive than diamond, optically flawless, reveals brilliant shine and a meticulous cut. It’s alternative to diamond that most jewelers even cannot tell you the difference between a CZ and a diamond with the naked eye. Wear this classic stud earrings to find out how the real diamond earrings will look on your ears.

Sterling silver round cubic zirconia classic stud earrings review has been written in the light of the Amazon consumer reviews. At the time of writing there are 3,017 customer reviews on Amazon, they have scored the product 4.4 stars out of 5;

  • 72% of consumer reviews reflects the product holds an “excellent ratting” as 5 stars out of 5 where
  • 15% of consumer reviews reflects the product holds a “very good ratting” as 4 stars out of 5,
  • 6% of consumer reviews reflects the product holds a “good ratting” as 3 stars out of 5 and
  • 3% of consumer reviews reflects the product holds a “fair ratting” as 2 stars out of 5 but
  • 4% of consumer reviews shows unsatisfactory “poor ratting” with the product that have received 1 star out of 5.

This information is correct at the time of writing, because it is likely to change over time as more customer reviews are added. However, while looking at the high percentage of positive feedback from potential customers; classic stud earrings reviews and scores, “I would highly recommend Sterling Silver Round Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings!

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